To: Respective The Honorable Judge Of The Immigration Court

Please accept my most sincerect apologies for my unsucessful previous marriage with Aarif shaikh.I have always tried to workout my married life.It was not my intention to create such an awkward and embarrassing situation for my family due to my bad relationship in past with Aarif.We both sat in the family and went over on ours difference issues and problems. our family was more about conerend toward our child that parents living separatly.We thought about it a lot.We both want to work our relationship once again with new begnning.Even thought we are lving together we are giving each other time to get to each other better.

We are applying for joint greencard and acttaching all the document with the forms.And we know that we are going to be held for an interview after the process of our application.

(please help me i need to send letter to judge and my grammer and vocab is not good can please help me its urgent my friend who help is out.....)please help me reply soon