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    to advance our studies

    Would anyone be kind enough to check the following paragraph for me? Thanks!

    Frankly speaking, I totally didn’t understand how to make a magazine until the day it was explained to me clearly by Mr. Jason Chen, the chief editor, as well as vice president of LiveABC Magazine. They gave us a cordial greeting, and we were impressed by the enthusiasm and efficiency of their teamwork. I highly appreciated Jason’s zeal and devotion for his work. He patiently illustrated the complicated process of publishing a magazine andthe making of a CD-ROM, so that we gained a lot of useful basic ideas of publishing from this trip. Actually, a magazine which is scheduled to be issued this month had already be done two or three months ahead. If there is breaking news that is urgent to make the readers know about it, the editorial staff will use the latest event instead of one of the previous articles. And, so do the CD-ROMs. It takes tremendous collective efforts and costs a big amount to finish publishing a magazine or making a CD-ROM. After the briefing, I realized that we should not only cherish each issue of the magazines and CD-ROMs which we order as materials, but also make the best use of them to advance our English studies.
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