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    (the) west of the country or (the) West of the country?

    I have a problem with this sentence:

    The west and center of the country voted in majority on X. Y. and the east and south on V. B.

    Is that correct? Maybe it should be capitalized: The West and the Center...?

    In the following part of the same text there is an another sentence with directions as names of parties of the country:

    In fact, Ukraine historically and culturally is divided into three regions: 1) West, which until 1939 was greatly influenced by the Latin civilisation; 2) Centre, (...) ; 3) East and South.

    Should there be "the West" etc. instead of "West"?

    What are the rules?
    I will be grateful for explanation.

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    Re: (the) west of the country or (the) West of the country?

    Welcome to the forums, erskina.

    The points of the compass and associated directions are not capitalised unless they are part of the name of a geographical feature.

    He lives in the south of England. She lives in South Carolina.

    We sailed through the Northwest Passage. They travelled southeast from Paris to Milan.


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