I need to find some formal conjunction word for this type of statements.. I put here "whereas", but I feel that there is a better word I don't know.
And if somebody found some other inaccuracies in my sentences, I'll be very thankful if you'll tell me about that and suggest a better way to say.

Holding a degree in computer science, I'm working as a secretary. (Whereas) I would have brought more benefits to my company if they would give me more opportunities.

I have an old violin, but I can play only few notes on it. (Whereas) one can expect a better fate for this instrument.

After the big snowfall our town faces significant problems with traffic. (Whereas) that could be avoided if the authorities had paid more attention to this problem.

Although there is a conservatory in our town, there is no a professional orchestra here. (Whereas) playing in orchestra would be a natural type of job for conservatory graduates.