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    Question is personal narrative good tell me if i've made any mistakes its alot, im a student

    Some of the mostimportant things that have happened to me in my life so far are my life,friends, family, and everything I have in life. The reason I say life is because life is short and you will never knowwhen your last day will come so you should live each day as if it is your last.I love my life because it is neither perfect nor bad. At time, I do have moments when I say I wishI were another person, although I do not really mean it when I say it. If I could go back in time and not redoeverything but definitely change some things that I did wrong or could havedone better. Whenever I am going throughsomething and I say I hate myself I know that I should remember that there is always somebody else in the world that is going through the same thing or evenworse than what I am going through.
    Another important thing in my life is myfriends. Reason being is that without myfriends (Sophia, Edward, Trent, and Katherine), I wouldprobably be stuck in my room all day on weekends, not doing anything. My friend Sophia is an amazing person to meand to others. She understands how Ifeel when I tell her what I am going through. I would say that she helped me last year when I was struggling trying toget to the right class on time and the gym mostly. May I not forget my other bestieKatherine? She is a sensitive, outgoing,and the best person to cheer you up when you are down. I do hate that she is being homeschooled butI can still see on the weekends. Edwardand Trent are funny, cool, and fun to be around. On the other hand, both are smart, but canact as if they are the only ones on Earth sometimes. When Ihear the word "friend", I instantly thing of someone who I can relyon, has courage, honesty, good advice and can keep a secret. A friend issomeone who has common interests and time to spend with you. The mostsignificant feature I look for in a friend, is someone who I instantly knowwhat that they are going to have my back, no matter who, when, how, where orwhat the situation is. That personallyis a BFFL (best friend for life).
    Furthermore, family is what you make ofit. To me family is someone or a groupof close people that I feel comfortable being around, and just cannot livewithout. My mom is one person in my lifethat I love more than anybody is. When shesays something, she means it. My mom isvery kind, loyal, caring and lovable to others and me. Some other family members that I want tonotice for doing well is my grandma. Ilove my grandma because she does thing for me that I could probably do formyself or that do not even need to be ensure, but she is goes out of her way tomake other people happy. The words that describe her are nice, strict, kind,and tough. Now my cat, Ginger, is sostrangle and the reason I say that is because one moment she is nice then nextthing you know if try to pick her up shewants to scratch me. On the other hand,there are more good things about her then bad cause when I first got her shewas the sweetest thing ever. I just wanted to keep her in my room all day, butthen the matureness comes around and it is like in a hot second she wants torub you, follow you. Every single personon Earth needs somebody in their life to fill in the holes that aredeteriorating. Family members come toyour rescue in the need of hour and stand by you when you feel lonely. Theygive you mental as well as financial support. You can share your problems ifyou have any with your family members. Forother people that may not be family, but for me it is. I will always love them through thick andthin and for like a friend it is like family for no matter what the situationis. Friends will always come and go butfamily never leaves you. I think that attimes when I ask for things they say no it is for my own good.
    For an example, at home,I have chores like washing dishes, taking out the trash, cleaning on everyother Saturday and if I do not do them then if I ask for stuff it is aguarantee that I will not get it. Eventhough sometimes I do not do them or I just forget to I have pay the consequencesand they are not fun, so I might as well do them and write them down somewhereso I will not forget to do them.
    In addition, everything I have in life isspecial to me. Particularly meaning thatI should be grateful; reasons are school, health, home, food, teachers/mentors, country, change, sleep, and medicine. Other people in the world such as families in Africa as well as UnitedStates are in poverty. Therefore when Iam eating at the table and do not eat all my food, my mom gets mad and says,“Taylor you know good and well that people in the world are starving and dyingto have food”. Yet when my grandma is cooking something that I don’tparticularly like to eat at that time or at all then all of a sudden everybodyin the house is like, “Back in the day whenyour grandma use to cook for us we had to eat what she fixed otherwise we justwould not have anything to eat.
    The reason I saidschool is because it improves your social life, wide range of activities, and itis good for me. I like the fact that myschool, Horton Middle, has many clubs that I can join like: Art Club, HortonHelpers. Some other things that myschool has is what I like to use on weekends when I’m bored, to enhance my mathperformance so that I can do better and prepare myself for a test I could betaking. I am not a fan of english however;it helps me with my reading and writing skills so that I can develop a smarterbrain. I love science because I do very wellin it and I love studying the earth, plants, and the experiments we do inclass. Social studies is good to for when I get older and if someone ask mewhat is the third president or the Declaration of Independence, I am going toneed to know that. In addition, I amglad that I have passed all the grades under eighth grade. My house is important to me because withoutmy house I would live in a shelter or outside. I do not have to live in the biggest house of the world, but I also donot have the smallest one either. Myhealth is so important to my family and me, which means that I have to eatright (I really do not, oops) exercise (hate it) and just simply take care ofmy body. Anyway food (yum) is the somewhat the best thing that has happen, but alsonot the worst thing that has happen, but I love nevertheless. Other people that I want to thank are myfriends. My friends are the second partof my life because they help with school life and my social problems. That is all the most important things in mylife so far.
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