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    flower arrangement

    What does this "arrangement" mean? Some kind of placement or diposition?

    ex2-29)people purchase goods on the Internet, companies keep track of those purchases and gather the facts and figures about their consumers. Over time, companies learn who buys what, when, and how often. They can then use that information to make catalogs specially designed to meet the needs of individual consumers as shown by their actual purchasing behavior. For example, a flower company may send you a postcard first reminding you that your spouse’s birthday is coming up soon and that you bought a particular flower arrangement last time, and then recommending a new arrangement this time. Because so much information about consumers is now available, companies are tending to use the traditional advertisement less than before and are putting more money into direct mail and other forms of direct marketing. Consumers are reacting favorably to such promotions

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    Re: flower arrangement

    This refers to a particular shape the flowers are arranged in to make them beautiful. It is fairly deep, with consideration given to the occasion, and the type of flowers to match the occasion, and color matching etc. And in Japan, it has been raised to an art, called Ikebana.

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