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    "Orwellian move"

    Then last week saw the rulers making the extraordinary Orwellian move of deleting the nationality status of 31 Bahraini pro-democracy leaders -- a move that has shocked human rights observers and which contravenes the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Imagine a government making its own citizens “non-nationals.” How sinister is that?

    draconian moves followed on the heels of suspicious explosions in the capital, Manama, and earlier last month in the village of Eker, which claimed the lives of two Indian workers and a policeman, respectively.

    More: PressTV - Bahrain uprising threatens US hegemony

    Do Orwellian move and draconian move share/have similar meaning?

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    Re: "Orwellian move"

    No. Orwellian moves are not necessarily draconian.

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