I am writing a cover letter for a PhD admission. Could anyone correct my cover letter below, please?

Dear Prof. Dr. ABC,
It is with great pleasure that I submit my application for the PhD in Economics at the prestigious University of XYZ.
The remarkable scientific output, the relevant and absolute authority of the teaching staff and the entire research group, and the international dimension peculiar to the University of XYZ, is to me a fundamental stimulus to undertake a rigorous and prolific research path at your department, with the absolute conviction of being able to become part of a suitable environment for the shaping of my studies and research in the economic field.
During my university studies at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Sassari, I have had many opportunities to get involved with passion in the economic discipline, devoting myself especially to the study of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Industrial Organization, and in particular in the analysis and application of Game Theory. The latter field represented the basic methodology for the realization of my dissertation, having as object the auction theory with application to the Italian energetic market. I placed emphasis on the study of the equilibrium between the major auction mechanisms then used to describe the logic and functioning of the system of buying and selling on auction basis of quantities of electricity to be delivered to end users throughout the national Italian territory.
Lately I have got engaged in the development of a research project titled “Compatibility between industrial production and environmental protection in international context. Partial cooperative game”, which I would like to continue to carry out relatively to the Industrial Organisation project if admitted to the PhD program in Economics at the University of XYZ.
In this project I examine the strategic behaviour of two coalitions of individuals with conflicting interests, in which a coalition has an incentive to reach an agreement in order to protect the environment and the other coalition has no incentive to cooperate to reach the agreement. The result of the project will aim to demonstrate that if a coalition of co-operators is stable and reliable, then it may exercise an attractive force on the non-cooperating one. This research proposal will be the subject of attention by the Department of Science for Nature and Environmental Resources at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Sassari, which has dealing with the study of the influence of human activities on the environment long since and intends to apply the Game Theory to this study as a new method of analysis.
In case of acceptance, besides profitably attending with great diligence and care the set of lessons and other educational events, I will be an active and integral part in the spreading of the knowledge of economics among students of the University of XYZ, through the support and partnership that I will put at the disposal of University of XYZ professors during classes, exam sessions, office hours students, project works and student dissertations.
Hence, both my production of scientific publications and the final PhD dissertation will naturally take shape.

The activities I carried out so far have always had a steady and persevering approach both as a member of a team and independently.
Over time I have developed strong relational values, which make me able to interact positively with colleagues.
I am also a person able to adapt with ease and learn about more and new case studies, using my ability to deal with the various problems that may arise with seriousness and dedication. I am also a proactive person, with a propositional attitude and highly motivated to achieve my goals.

I appreciate your taking the time in considering my application to the PhD program in Economics at your department and I remain at your entire disposal for any further clarifications.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Name & Surname