The following is an abstract written by a friend of mine who asked me not to correct it.
He would like native speakers to have a look at it and express their opinion as far as grammar is concerned.
Could anyone help?

The school situation of Chinese students attending the school has very significant differences compared to that of the Chinese students who emigrated to other countries, especially as regards their educational achievements.In this work I wanted to identify the reasons for this diversity, seeking to highlight the major steps that the Italian school has yet to do in relation to the reception of foreign students, in order to enable them to study under the same condition of indigenous students. Behaviors of Chinese boys and their families are often misinterpreted and misunderstood by the Italian teachers and these misconceptions often lead to an occurrence of prejudices and stereotypes against them that are often reason of failures of the boys school. In the first part I thus sought to identify what they are and how misunderstandings in intercultural communication, turning the eye especially to popular misunderstandings between Chinese and Italian in school.In the second part of the research, I instead tried to give voice to those concerned through questionnaires addressed to both the Italian teachers and Chinese families' pupils residing in the lower Polesine [this is an area in the north of Italy], to see whether the major inconvenience and misunderstandings that both sides meet at school, or not reflect this reality.

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