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Thread: Out of it

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    Out of it

    I would like to know the exact meaning of this expression. I think is slang. Something like "out of sorts" I think.
    Thank you for your help!!!

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    Re: Out of it

    It can be used in several ways. Out of it = semiconscious; intoxicated; unaware; unfashionable.

    From some dictonaries:

    1. Not aware of or participating in a particular group, pursuit, or trend. 2. Disoriented or inebriated.

    1. not part of a group, activity, or fashion; 2 : in a dazed or confused state

    1. Very intoxicated with alcohol or drugs.

    1. Disoriented. 2. Drunk.


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    Re: Out of it

    Thank you very much!
    Also, I'll appreciate any other options, if there are any.


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