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Thread: carrots(them)

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    If you repeat the same noun again, does it sound boring or unnatural? In Korean, we sometimes repeat nouns, but in English, I have rarely seen repeated nouns. What do you think is the reason?

    When I was young, I didn't use to eat carrots, but I like carrots(them) now.

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    Re: carrots(them)

    It's just not the normal way in English. There doesn't have to be a reason for every difference between languages.

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    Re: carrots(them)

    One important reason is that the English language has a wide range of words for substitution, unlike Ancient Chinese and Modern Chinese. In Ancient Chinese, for example, we don't(I don't use DIDN'T) have many pronouns; and when it comes to anaphora, we simply repeat it. But there is something worth mentioning: I once read a guide and the writer says he frowns when he sees some writers make their essays full of pronouns. There are some style guide writers who consider it bad to use pronouns frequently.

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