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    Is this english writing better, far worse, or just the same to my last post?

    If you are to compare my two posts, is this one more readable or better or more worse? Or is it just the same?
    By the way, here's the link,

    And here's the post to compare;

    King has written a treatise on
    The Vital Powers; but I should like to write a dirge on them, since their lavish use in the form of knocking, hammering, and tumbling things about has made the whole of my life a daily torment. Certainly there are people, nay, very many, who will smile at this, because they are not sensitive to noise; it is precisely these people, however, who are not sensitive to argument, thought, poetry or art, in short, to any kind of intellectual impression: a fact to be assigned to the coarse quality and strong texture of their brain tissues. On the other hand, in the biographies or in other records of the personal utterances of almost all great writers, I find complaints of the pain that noise has occasioned to intellectual men.

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    Re: Is this english writing better, far worse, or just the same to my last post?

    It's different. The sentences are overly long and complicated, making it difficult to follow. The author obviously had a high opinion of himself.

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    Re: Is this english writing better, far worse, or just the same to my last post?

    If you want to know whether that one is flowery, the anwer is 'yes'.

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