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    use of that as a conjunction?

    Mason: Ah…. subjectively? The negative effect of these sort of objective standards that we create I think are actually worse, because it then becomes the thing that people are focusing on. Like, for example, there was the kid in class who always asked how many points something was worth, rather than caring about the knowledge that was happening. Everything about that, in the long run, feels bad to me.

    Jason: I see. So you think maybe standardized tests ultimately decrease the quality of whatever it is that they’re supposed to be detecting.

    In the above statement made by Jason, is "that" used as a conjunction? Please advise

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    Re: use of that as a conjunction?

    I would say it's a relative pronoun (which could be omitted in that sentence).


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    Re: use of that as a conjunction?

    It is indeed!

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