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    Difference between 'cause' and 'result in'

    Could anyone tell me the difference between 'cause' and ' result in' ? and
    tell me wheather or not these words ae suitable for the following sentence.
    The Department of the Deffense made a great many nuclear weapons to
    fight invisible enemies, which caused(or resulted in) development of
    nuclear weapons.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Difference between 'cause' and 'result in'

    They're often broadly similar, but if the result is unintended, then we might go for 'result in'. Also, at what stage did the event take place. Here, it is hard to say, but the outcome is intended, but were the Department of Dense in at the start of the development of nuclear weapons? If not, then I'd choose 'resulted in'.

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    Re: Difference between 'cause' and 'result in'

    tdol,Thank you for your reply!


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