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    Advice on Teaching in SEA

    Hi all....I'm hoping someone can help out with my question. I have spent the past 20 odd years working in senior positions for large global software companies and due to a minor heart attack a couple of years ago I have decided to leave the corporate world and study for a Post Graduate Degree in Applied Social Science. In 2013 I will commence study on a TESOL certificate and Cert IV in Training and Assessment, with a view to teaching around South East Asia from 2014, at which point I will be 45 years old.

    My question is this, are there positions available for someone of my age or do educational establishments really prefer teachers 35 and under? In your opinion would I be wasting my time working towards this goal?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Advice on Teaching in SEA

    My wife was offered a couple of posts in Vietnam when she was 49.

    I have no experience of South East Asia, but was offered posts in Japan when I was 55. When I went to China at 56, one of my collleagues was 61.

    I look through the the jobs on offer at occasionally and note that some countries/institutions won't accept applications from people over 55, but I don't imagine that you'll have any problems at 45. The reason there are so many younger people in TEFL is the lack of well-paid jobs or stability, not prejudice against age, in my opinion.

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