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Has the ease of cooking improved life?

As you all know, without food we cannot live. So, food it is important not only for maintaining your body full of carbohydrates, but also it is the energy you need so that your body can make any movements. Throughout the centuries, ancestors have been cooking all the things of their surrounding in which they think it is eatable. When time passes, people have been adapting to the different ways of cooking such as eating foods cooked by themselves and also foods that are selling everywhere in which they usually buy from fast-foods. Since time had passed so quickly, they have been finding the easiest way to eat food that were easy to cook and comestible. Indeed, nowadays have been improved the way people have been eaten and have improved their life. With this in mind, we can see how far the evolution of life had been increasing.

In the past, people have been eating whatever they could see and try to consider it food. In those days, before the homo sapiens sapiens had evolved, they were the ones who did not have too much knowledge of what can be eaten and what cannot. After all those years of surviving, their body was adapted to that Era. The food that they probably ate daily were very nutritional and also very healthy. But what they do not know is how to cook them well and any recipe to add. As a result, we can say that they were eating more healthy than nowadays homo sapiens sapiens. Indeed, in those times people have very little knowledge of everything, but nowadays, people aim a lot of knowledge of what they are eating, how to cook, and how to do some special dish. Hence, they do not eat as healthy as the homo sapiens. Homo sapiens had been eaten the necessary food to survive those drastic times, but now, Homo sapiens sapiens can find any type of food easily.

Nowadays, we can see all types of food around us. People can learn how to cook very easy recipes by taking special courses, watching programs about it, reading the book of recipes, ect... And because of that, people will eat everything they want and might probably excess of the amount of carbohydrates they need per day. As a matter of fact, we can see in any street all the restaurants around and going each one of them will make you have different tastes of foods. There are many kinds of foods, such as Chinese foods, Indian foods, Arabic foods, and others. There are many people who were fascinated with what they eat and they want to learn it by taking courses of reading the recipes' books. If we cook different dishes everyday, then we will have many as emotional as joyful pleasure. Not only you will taste the delicious food, but also people might find a way in order to find that food in their fridge.

In fact, food is one of the main source for living, besides from water and shelter. So, we all need to know at least how to cook the basic food our body needs everyday. Throughout million years ago, we can say that there were drastic changes from that Era to this new Era. Before, it was very difficult to find food in their surrounding and probably also they might not know how to cook them on time, now, people have been able to find any kind of food they desire. By cooking, we can maintain our body in balance having a lot of nutrients and vitamins in our body. Therefore, I consider that in order to survive we need to learn how to cook.