1. Does this "good" refer to "benefit" or "something helpful" or what else?
2. Though "make public" is an idiomatic expression, I've seen similar structures, where "object complement" comes right after a verb like "S+V+OC+O" instead of "S+V+O+OC".
Is this because if the object is long enough, then placing OC at the end can make confusion about its connection with the object? I mean, if the object is so long, "public" wouldn't be recognized easily in terms of whether it is the object complement or a part of the object.

rp82)Some people say that laws that are basically just and for everyone's good should be enforced in any way that is effective. But is that really a good idea? Suppose that we made public ,through local newspapers or other pulications, the names of people who did not pay their taxes (public)....