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    Anyone taken the Cambridge CPE this year (2012)?

    Hi folks! I'm taking the CPE exam this coming December 6 and was wondering if any of you have recently taken it. What do you have to say about it? I'm sort of freaking out now that I have less than a month to prepare. Apparently I must ppractice the speaking paper as well to make sure I show the examiner I've prepared for it (being fluent is not enough, so I read). Any help?? My husband suggested I look for 'photos' people might have taken of their exams. I tried to explain to him that I didn't think people would be allowed to take photos, but.... Here it goes: has anyone taken a photo of any of the CPE papers?

    thank you so much and I hope someone out there answers me!



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    Re: Anyone taken the Cambridge CPE this year (2012)?

    A photo would be cheating, but the exam is fairly constant- if you know the last few years' papers, there will be no surprises.

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