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    Exclamation Investment on Canada currency (CAD)

    hi, english is my second language so I always stuck on the grammar.... Thank You!!!!

    In the past decade, Yahoo Finance datashow the CAD highest value is in January 2002 which is $1.6121US. I will use$10,000 as my investment fund to calculate earning profit. The data will beshowing from October 2001 to October 2012 which makes up a total of ten years. Furthermore,I need to calculate every month and year earning. Therefore, the following twoparagraphs will calculate the first five years and the next two paragraphs willcalculate the last five years. My expectation of where the CAD will trade overthe next coming decade is between $1.00-1.20US since the Canada’s economic isgrowing strong.

    Despite whichrules I apply on my investment, I found out it really work well. The most obviousrule is investing that you do not want to move in and out when the value dropone or two points. Every investment needs a long time to see how this stock goingbefore making decision to leave or not. It comes true. Obviously, if thosepeople who bought the shares in the past decade in which the CAD highest rateis $1.6121US. Currently, the rate isdrop to 0.99US which they can choose to sell or keep the share to make a maximizeprofit. However, many investors including myself think the CAD will keepdevalue so we can maximize our profit for few more years.

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    Re: Investment on Canada currency (CAD)

    Which phrase or sentence is causing the difficulty?

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