I want to write to my previous University to tell them that I am coming back to complete my degree as I was relocated before and my degree was incomplete,I have submitted my final project and graded but, I left only three courses. Please help me and correct my letter thanks for your help.this is my letter.

Re: Completing my incomplete Degree of Business Administration.

Dear Sir.

My name is A.Qarane and my ID is BBU247/08, I was learnig BA at BBU between 2007 and 2010 but, I suspended my studies in 2010 due to my relocation of my permanent residence.Now I want to come back to complete my degree I have got only 3 months and my budget is limited However, I would like to fly on April 2013 but, before that I want to make my booking and some other arrangements.Therefore, Could you please arrenge me one or two teachers who can teach me the remaining three courses so that I can finilize my degree ,I will make sure to pay any overtime payments and special arrangements.

Thanks for your consideration and help.

Yours sencerely,