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Few habits that will keep you happy.

Almost every person in this world is trying to find a way to spend the life happily. Some people are studying harder to find a better job as they believe better job brings happiness. Some are try earning more money as they believe money bring happiness. Some others are focusing on having more baby, new homes, and new vehicles and so on to live happily. However, I have never seen a person who lives happily although the above needs have been fulfilled. Based on the article I read on another website, following are the habits that will make human happy.

A first thing is that start your day by setting up some expectation. Do not set up expectations that are not achievable and colossal. Secondly, plan and prioritize the work load. This will reduce the stress level. Realistic time frame needs to be set up to complete the tasks. If more than one person involve in your workload ensure there is no any controversy.

Give a gift to everyone who you meet. It does not need to be an expensive wrapped gift. It can be your smile, your insightful thoughts etc. Never pass someone without leaving them something.

Always keep good intention about others. This also entails keeping good relationship, think and speculate positively. And always persuade others despite they are looking at you in a negative manner.

Eat healthy and clean food. Inevitably, foods that are available at restaurants are unhealthy, eating them will cause diseases. Diseases will take your happiness away.
Before you go to bed write down what you did for the day and think they are worth or not. And finally thanks to God if you believe in God.