(Restaurants in Dubai)
Most people in Dubai prefer restaurants food more than home food. Therefore, we note that the restaurants in Dubai are located all over the place with many different types of food. In addition, we note that the number of the restaurants in Dubai increases every year. Moreover, there are many different types of restaurants in Dubai and the most important types are Lebanese restaurants, Indian restaurants and Italian restaurants.
Lebanese restaurants, these kinds of restaurants are available frequently in Dubai such as, Abu nwas restaurant, Karam restaurant and Romana restaurant. These restaurants are available frequently in Dubai because it's cheap and delicious at the same time. Lebanese restaurants are famous on healthy food and light food. The reason of that is because the Lebanese food is free of fat and high-calorie. Also, the cooking method is considering a reason for making the food so healthy. Lebanese restaurants have a special method for cocking, they put the food over hot coals until the food is cooked It's called the (barbecue method).
There are several Indian restaurants in Dubai, the most famous restaurants are Barbar Restaurant, Mughal Restaurant, Copper chandni Restaurant and Shahzadeh Restaurant. I will speak about my personal experience about Indian restaurants that I visited. Once I went to an Indian restaurant, the waiter gave me the menu and I request three types of Indian foods Masala, Indian Kabab and Tagen.The food was very spicy and delicious at the same time but, the problem that I had is that when I tasted the first type of food was very spicy and was delicious too, but when I tasted the other items I could not feel the taste because my tongue was burning from the intense heat. Although the food was spicy I was very much enjoyed about the food.
Italian restaurants frequently non-existent, such as Lebanese restaurants, but it is one of the tastiest restaurants for people in Dubai despite the expensive prices. When people think of popular Italian food they most likely think of spaghetti, lasagna, or tortellini. However, the popular Italian food in Italy is actually a little different and much more diverse. On the other hand, there is much more to Italian food than just pasta and sauce. Italian food is a cuisine of diversity.
In conclusion, from my personal opinion Italian restaurants are my favorite restaurants because it has a taste different from other restaurants.