I am a Russian student, who tries to study english a little bit.
I have an interesting assignement about comparing and contrasting economics and biology. I wrote an essay, however, I am not sure about grammar mistakes.
Could anyone, please, proofread my essay and give me some advices about grammar?
It is only a part of my essay :

At times we notice immensely sudden interconnections between essentially different spheres of knowledge. Such comparisons are extremely important in the modern society, due to tendency of integration between diverse sciences. Science is becoming much more applied, and that is why researchers of various sciences combine their efforts in order to accelerate the progress in development of high technology. While I have been studying biology at NES, I realized that biology and economics have very much in common. In particular, on the first sight, the distinction between biology and economics seems sharp. Biology concentrates on studying living organisms, which may be “touched”. While economics’ main attitude is investigation of complex social systems. Nonetheless, if we try to find parallels between them, we will be surprised by the resemblance of objects of their cognition and methods of obtaining new information.

The most conspicuous difference between those branches of sciences is related with approachability of objects of cognition. Since biology studies nature objects, those objects, for example animals or cells, can be easily researched in details using contemporary technologies. Therefore, biologists have various options of researching and confirming their hypothesis because they can make experiments. That is why most of proven hypothesis or assumptions in biology may be considered as a fact. On the contrary, economists do not have a simple possibility to test their hypothesis. Market – the main object of cognition in economics is a complex and dynamic social system. Market is changing constantly, which means that economists cannot stop the time and fully investigate concrete market position like in a microscope. For this reason, usage of an experiment in economics for confirmation of hypothesis seems hardly imaginable for me, making economics closer to humanity sciences rather than to mathematics, physics and biology. However, with the lapse of time economics is changing and perhaps in the near future experiment will be used in both economics and biology. As a result, regularities of market would be more understandable and clear.