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    "Fatherhood ought to be emphasized as much as motherhood."

    After 2 weeks, I have to appear in IELTS test. I'm not so good in writing english, need your HELP. Please !!!

    Current modernization has brought a lot of changes in almost every phase of life cycle compared to past. Obviously, the rapid advancement in science and technology is the major cause behind it. In the meanwhile, whether it is a blessing or curse, has sparked much debates. There has always been discussions about, the mother is solely responsible for deciding to have babies and bringing them up. But I will support those people who hold opposite arrgument against such mentatlity.

    The supporters of this quotation often bring out the fact, that father is idealized as a bread earner of the family. He is the one who is responsible for supporting his family as well ,so that sublings may enjoy best of healthcare, education and other necessities of life. Whereas, the mother takes care of family matters so it is her duty to raise her off-springs. Such type of traditional family system and mentality still exists in few areas like India, Pakistan etc. Moreover, the trend of spending life as a single mother has penetrated in certain societies over the last few years. This increased fashion has also forced a number of persons to raise their voices in favour of this issue.

    On the other hand, child-rearing should be the duty of both parent, the father and the mother. Babies are results of love and physical attachment of both sex. So no one can deny their role. Aprart from the previous factor, an other undeniable reason is that taking care of children is not only the duty, but also the honor of the father. In a country like Pakistan, father's name is a part of his kid's name, in most cases. So, considering these facts, the father can not quit his role in raising a child.

    Of crucial importance, kids need love and warmth of their father and mother. Growing up in a happy and friendly environment with the care of both parents, a child could become a useful member of society. Whereas, negligence by any of the parent may lead their kid to a disaster. Researchers have correlated few problems of kids to lack of care of parents, such as personality disorder.

    Taking into account of all these factors, in current era, child-rearing requires equal responsibility of both, the father and the mother. It is equally important for the complete development of their off-springs.
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