There is someone so kind to have a look on my application please? I appreciate any correction (grammar, spelling etc) or advice. Thank you very much.

Please tell us about any relevant research experience, including employment. (Maximum 200 words)

The research experience was based in an Academic environment with the following research theme:
Mitochondrial DNA haplogroup background and environmental toxics in Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. The project aims at determining the influence of mt-DNA haplogroup background in cell death following exposure to different environmental toxics in order to explain some aspects of the penetrance of the disease in the population.
During the experiment we used three apoptosis inducers (etoposide, ceramide and hydrogen peroxide) in cells bearing a disruptive frame-shift mutation in MT-ND1, which impairs complex I assembly (HXTC17) and cells bearing a mutation causing an alteration Complex I proteins assembly (RJ206 e HL180) .
During the elaboration of data I found out that the cellular line HXTC17, have a major viability compared to RJ206 and control cells. An explanation could be that, according to Porcelli et. Al. these cells possess high productions of ROS detoxify enzymes as CAT and SOD2, this could allow the cells to remove efficiently ROS, and avoid all the damages caused by ROS and the activation of the apoptotic program.
After experiments and data analysis I produced and publish a presentation followed by a dissertation with detailed work and techniques used.

Please tell us why you would like to apply to this programme. Why are you interested in the project you have chosen? What makes you a good candidate for this studentship? (Maximum 400 words)

Because I’d like to work in a world top university with a state of the art laboratories and instruments a place where great scientific discovery were made and this discoveries were influenced the course of the human history as instance the discovery of the double helix of the DNA and researches that led to the development of radio, television, mobile phones and radar.
The mission of the Division of Cancer studies is combine first class clinical care with ground-breaking research to bring direct benefits to patients, this goal is the same for me: I’d like give my contribution with the research for improve knowledge about cancer for a better cure or even a better quality of life for patients.
I would be extremely proud to join this organisation and this urges me to improve myself and give the best of my skills to reach excellence.

I’d like to carry on and expand my knowledge about the different types of cellular death and their relationship. There are relations between apoptosis and autophagy as autophagy constitutes a stress adaptation that avoids cell death (and suppresses apoptosis), whereas in other cellular settings, it constitutes an alternative cell-death pathway. Autophagy and apoptosis may be triggered by common upstream signals, and sometimes this result in combined autophagy and apoptosis (Maiuri et. Al. 2007).

Furthermore I believe that:

  • Late events in autophagosome formation

  • Different membrane sources for the formation of autophagosome and the different contribution of membrane for different stimuli

  • Atg4b inhibit the autophagosome formation blocking the interaction between LC3 and Atg7 (like E1) in this way is not possible the lipidation. ATG genes is an alternative option for complete inhibition

are interesting research themes that could produce excellent results and new ideas for the developmental of this research field.

As newly graduated student in Biological Sciences at University of XXXX I possess modern knowledge in subjects like Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, physiology and anatomy. During my academic path I acquired laboratory experience of how to run a research project start from planning and execution of an experiment, obtain results and interpretation, confirm hypothesis and develop new ideas. My experience in laboratory includes how to perform a PCR, electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, SRB and Bradford essay.
As completion of my profile I’m a quick learner, I have power of observation, excellent organisation skills and good eye to detail. Excellent communication skills and team skills able to do a good job as a part of a team and unsupervised.

Thank you again.