Hi everyone,

would be great if someone could grade my text..

“Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people’s lives.

  • automobiles
  • bicycles
  • airplanes

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.”

I do strongly believe that airplanes have changed people’s lives. Longer distances are no longer an obstacle in every day life. The world more and more moves together, people have to be on places all over the world all the time. Without airplanes life would be different.

First, airplanes change our lifes in the context of travelling. Years ago we have spend our holidays only miles from our homes. Though that has been nice, with airplanes you have quite more options for your vacation. Nowadays people fly to Thailand or Australia, the US or Africa. It has increasingly gotten easier to explore the whole world. I, for example, enjoy every January a week on the Canary Island. By plane it is just a 2 ˝ hour flight, but without it I would have to take a ship, which would take me days if not weeks only to get there.

Second, airplanes have also changed the way of business. There are quite a lot of people who frequently fly to meetings or customers. Those frequent flyers work all over the world thanks to airplanes. Without them their jobs wouldn’t be possible to do. Also there are people who work far abroad and only fly home on weekends or on days off. That is to say that people do have the possibilities to work in foreign countries without abandoning their family and friends. A friend of mine does work in Stuttgart, which is only 1 hour away by plane. Thanks to airplanes he gets home every weekend, so he still has his friends here in Austria but works in his dream job in Germany.

To sum up, based upon the reasons above, I’m of the opinion that airplanes have changed people’s lives in many positive ways.

Thank you!