(source: Iceberg Slim - Pimp, The Story of my life)

Now I got to a conversation in the novel when two black man talks in the dialect of the rural South-USA. The problem is that Iceberg Slim quotes it in a distorted form to make the reader feel the different pronounciation. Would someone help me with translating the underlined sentences below to usual English?

the section that contains the conversation:

"I saw a tall stud with a Frankenstein mask on behind the log. He darted his hand in a sneaky way under the log. There was a wooshing noise like a tire going flat. My stool descended beneath me. I looked up at Amos. My nose was an inch from the log. Amos was grinning down at me.
Amos said: You sho nuff ain't been here befo, is you Slim? You frum de big-foot country?
Andy said: Wait til he ketch his win. He gonna buy us a pitchuh suds. We gonna lurn ole home boy bout dis big city rigamaro."
Everybody at the crowded log yukked in a deep South accent."


Slim describes visiting a place called ’Fun House’ that is a bar but full of many funny traps and tricks for the guests. E.g. when he enters he got immediately frightened by a man in a phophorescent skeleton masquerade and his chair starts sinking down when he takes a seat. He sits between two southern black guy (naming them 'Amos' and 'Andy' in his internal monologue) who start to talk to him as described above.

But how these sentences supposed to rad in 'normal' English?