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Thread: gone wrong

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    gone wrong

    I learned from my grammar book that present participle means either "active" or "progress", while "past participle means "passive" or "completion".
    Does this "gone wrong" mean "completion" like "examples of expertise that are gone wrong"? And do you agree with the four categories?

    mo40)About one third of the findings published in the top medical journals are refuted within a few years. As much as 20 percent of what physicians say has been found to be substantially wrong. And itís not just medicine. Economists have found that some studies published in economics journals were wrong. I could fill a book with examples of expertise gone wrongónot only in medicine but in physics, finance, child raising, sports, and so on. The fact is that what experts say sometimes turns out to be wrong...

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    Re: gone wrong

    '...examples of expertise gone wrong' means 'examples of expertise which has gone wrong'.

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