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    from meeting to meeting

    I think this " from meeting to meeting " means actual movement from A to B, but in the example like "Law differs from state to state", this "from A to A" just means "at each(every) A".
    So can the underlined have such interpretation?

    25)We all know people who appear incapable of devoting attention to where they are at a given time. I have a friend who is constantly leaving a meeting to take or make phone calls. I know that many of these calls are hardly urgent, for he has stepped out of meetings to return phone calls to me that were not identified as urgent. Besides the fact that he’s using his time inefficiently, his inability to remain in a
    meeting is distracting to his meeting partners and disruptive of the meeting itself. I get the feeling that he moves from meeting to meeting and phone call to phone call with little connection to what he is doing. My friend has a bad reputation based on his

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    Re: from meeting to meeting


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