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It has been said, “Not everything that is learned is contained in
books.” Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience
with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source
is more important? Why?

New Books had been publishing every year. There are a lot of books that contain new things, ideas or studies updates. Many people buy new books every month, so that they will be update to the new version. And therefore they will know a little bit more with the new book. Not very single topic is well described from a book, but it is very described from many books, which means that we can get informations and read things from many books because probably most people will not find it in just a book. We need to buy new books in order to find the information that we need. But, people will not have the source to buy all those books and they will just read the first generation book and will know the base of what really is.

People who likes to read, they will spend all there money buying the new version and will read all of it. But what they really do not know is that nowadays we have the new technology arising which is the so called: Internet sources. It is important to mention that books are very usefull and will help you to increase your knowledge of the topic people are reading but how much knowledge will they offer you? Do they offer you the same amount as the internet? Well, unfortunately no because the internet is huge and bigger than the book and not everything of the internet can fit to a single book even the thicker book. Nowadays people can not entirely find all the thing that they desire to read in a book because it lacks of information needed, and therefore, people are now using the new technology instead of books. As a matter of fact, books are important and play an important role in our life such as the basic things that people should know and books only requires you to read what they give you rather than what the source of the internet can offer you.

There are many advantages while navigating on the internet. First, we need a device called computer, or any other device that internet can be accessible to. Then, as many teachers say: "Not everything from the internet is true because people might lie about it and invent non-existed things and ideas" It is true about it, not everything that people read on the Internet will be real. The reason why this happens is because they did not have books as a reference and they did not take the time to buy the new books and at the end will invent unreal stories. It is good to read some books instead of just going to the internet. The internet source should be like a complement of your reasearch. For example, people will first read a book and will find the basic information about their research paper. Then, if they want to take more knowledge about it, they will search it on the internet and will compare whether it is true or not.

Another case is that people should know exactly where to search for their information they need. If they go to webpages that are just people posting and chatting informations that had been asked for, then this is a wrong place to search. People should search for educational webpages and try to differentiate it from other non-educational pages. So in other words, they need to know the right place to do their researches and be sure that the webpage is credited as a educational one. While doing so, they will probably find the information they had been looking for and will try to compare it with their bases, in this case, the books.

Therefore, I consider that books are very useful as a base or as a key for you to look more information of it on the Internet. Every single topic and ideas cannot be find in just a simple book because all those information will not be capable to fit into it. In other words, we can say that the Internet source will be like a complement or a annex to the information given from books.