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    Hi there, here I go again with new doubts. By the way thanks a lot to Woodhouse and tdol for your fast replies.
    The doubts are as follows:
    - "lameduck" does that mean flirt or fall for someone?
    - gush in expression "When I was gushing about her dress..."
    - He didn`t realize I was guying the whole idea" What does "guy" stand for in this phrase.
    - Turn into a bitchy ginny misery like her. I`m interested in the meaning of ginny in this case.
    - frilly (frilly ideas about life)
    - fey woman
    - snarl at, e.g. They argued and snarled at each other.
    - telly, what kind of electronic gear is that one? "Listen to trash on the telly".

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    Re: lameducking...

    lameduck- useless
    gushing- talking enthusiastically
    ginny- drinks too much gin
    frilly- fanciful and not down-to-earth
    fey - affected, pretentious
    snarl- shout or talk angrily, agressively
    telly = TV

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    Re: lameducking...

    Thanks a lot tdol.
    But lameduck must mean something else. Lately I`ve seen it various times used as a verb e.g. I was lameducking Donald last summer (to say the truth the first thing I thought when I read that sentence was Disney cartoons about Donald Duck "lameducking Donald"). I can`t really work out the meaning of it.
    Another word I`d like to know the meaning of is "phoney" I think it means pretentious, with prejudice or something like that.

    I`ve finished the book - John Fowles "The collector". Very interesting to my point of view. If you like a good novel with original plot I highly recommend this one.


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