Tobacco and alcohol are drugs that cause addition and health problems. Should they be made illegal? Or should all drugs be legalized

With the advance of human civilization,there are an increasing number of people who have raised doubts about whether tobacco and alcohol should be banned or not.Many people associated them with some problems of society and argue that they have to be eliminated from the community.From my point of view,i totally agree with this opinion.

Fist of all,there are no doubt that tobacco and alcohol have adverse impact on the health of people.Turn to the detail,Tobacco contains mostly toxic ingredients such as nicotine that can cause many serious disease such as lung cancer.Futhermore,it also exerts its negative effect on environment and non-smokers.When smoking cigarette,there are large amount of poisonous gases released into the air that threaten to the health of surrounding people.In addition,alcohol can cause many serious diseases as well.The recent statistics reveal that each year approximately 3000 people die as a result of the excessive alcohol consumptions and around 100.000 people are hospitalized

Secondly,alcohol is one of main reasons for damaging the stability of a society.Drinking heavily alcohol can have extensive influences on the brain that leads people to lose their control.Drunks are more likely to commit cruel crime and easily get into road accident on driving.Therefore,alcohol should be prohibited

Last but not least,tobacco and alcohol are economically wasteful for users.Moreover,it also squanders an industry that cigarette and alcohol production require both human resources and a lot of money.These investments and infrastructures should be used effectively on education,health care and lucrative businesses

In conclusion,in my opinion,the government should adopt effective laws against smoking and drinking alcohol.Only when doing that,they are gradually eradicated from the community