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    Please, check if my writing skills are o.k. and what are the things i need to improve.
    What is altruism. Compare and contrast the advantages of it.

    First of all, altruism is like a sacrifice behavior giving their lives to their love ones. We can see it with people and also with animals. Altruism is an act that risk his or her own life to rescue not only their love ones, but also people that they probably may not know. General speaking, there are many leaders, animals as well as people, that look forward among their members and protect them from dangerous things to happen. Nevertheless, if there is altruism, then we also can find the opposite of this action. People who do not like to sacrifice their lives and they are always on their own are selfish.

    There are many believes about the act of altruism as well as selfishness. One of them is from animals. As you all know, almost all animals are gather in group to find their foods. So, as soon as they got their foods, one of them stand guard and try to see if there is any predators around. Instead of eating, they sacrifices their lives to defend the group of any predator. If there is a predator, the animal will make a sound that will be an alert for all the community and will try to run; but what will happen to the guard will be very dangerous because the guard will be nearby the predator and might be catch and at the end, because of helping the others, he will die. The opposite to this case is to be selfish. A group of animals called meerkats are going to eat their food and a guard will see if there is any predator. But, different to the first case, the guard already ate before all of the others. If there will be a predator, the guard will make the alert and try to safe his own life first and will hide in a place that no one will notice, and therefore, all the other meerkats will mostly be catched by the predator. Therefore, there are bad and good animals that really take care of their members.

    As well as animals, people also have act of altruism. Many people that like to give something or do something good for the society, will offer them everything they can, such as their basic things to survive, for example, shelter, food, and water. Those people will feel very happy of doing these types of charities and will probably have some reward for this act. Nevertheless, as long as there are good people, there are also bad ones. They are so-called "selfish people". Those who do not risk their lives because they think they do not have to do it if they do not receive something in exchange. Those people who have a healthy kidney, for example, they do not like to risk their own live neither for strangers nor for their family. They will not value all the good things and good future that others will have and those people only think in their own. They rather die than giving part of their body to someone.

    General speaking, there are many acts of generosity for people and animals that need help from them. One way to show their generosity, they sacrifices their lives and no matter how risky will be, they will give their lives to their love ones and strangers. In despite to this, those people who are in cons about it are called selfish people. They do not care about others and will live their own lives. In life, selfish people will have to value what they have and how good is to do some charity for people who really need their help.
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    Re: Altruism

    I have moved your thread to Editing and Writing Topics, as it is more likely that someone will have the time and inclination to look at your piece, provided it's not homework or an assignment.

    You haven't stated what your question is about your piece.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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