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    Correction of article

    I´d like to ask you for correction of this article and giving some feedback
    many thanks in advance

    How can you become hero or heroine?
    At first you must consider who are heroes and heroines nowadays in the Czech Republic. We can say there are only two groups of people who are idols for the youth.
    One of them is Czech sportsmen such as football, hockey or tennis players. Hašek, Čech or Novák are names of the most popular ones who show excellent performance in international championships and make our state known world-wide. Therefore Czechs are proud of them and admire their fantastic achievements. Maybe, we also believe that a big part of their great success belongs to us. It can be really interesting to become such as sportsman but you should be hard-working, brave, energised and physically fit. It can be also a very tiring and dangerous way to gain popularity because you must think about possible injures.
    Another group consists of singers, models, actors or actresses who should be attractive and charming. Moreover, singers should be musically talented and have an excellent sonorous voice. One of the most popular singers is Karel Gott who is pop star for more than thirty years. If you know him you surely remember his fantastic long career, which he managed thanks to his proper behaviour, gentle character and beautiful appearance loved by women. Other singers are famous for their extravagance or exceptionality in some way for example for their opinions, attitude to their lives, unusual style of music or for public scandals with drugs, alcohol, women or with breaching of the law. Many of them became known very quickly but they often dispose of brief career too. Only the best of them can survive in the wilderness of show business. So don’t forget everything as well as success isn’t forever and managing of popularity shouldn’t be the biggest priority of your life!
    At the end I’d like to mention that our point of view and preferences are influenced especially by mass medias, magazines, friends, relations or by our family in good or bad way. That’s why it depends on a lot of things in your life that could determine your attempt to become hero or heroine. Good luck!

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    Re: Correction of article

    How can you become hero or heroine?- a hero...
    At first- Firstly,
    such as sportsman- a
    energised- energetic
    possible injures- injuries
    who should be attractive- should be or are?
    who is pop star for more- has been a pop star
    attitude to their lives- unclear phrase- lifestyles?
    breaching of the law- breaking the law
    they often dispose of brief career - they often only have a short career
    At the end- Lastly,
    mass medias- the mass media
    in good or bad way- a
    why it depends on a lot of things in your life- why there are many factors that could...

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