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Thread: lost track

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    lost track

    McWatt was crazy. He was a pilot and flew his plane as low as he dared over Yossarian's tent as often as he could, just to see how much he could frighten him, and loved to go buzzing with a wild, close roar over the wooden raft floating on empty oil drums out past the sand bar at the immaculate white beach were the men went swimming naked.
    I lost grammatic track from the first boldened part. I can still understand what the sentence describes, but the disconnection bothers me.

    Two questions I have are:

    1. I'm probably not sure what 'close' means in this sentence. As I type the question I realized both 'wild' and 'close' describes 'roar', but... argh I don't know how to put what I want to ask into words, but I think if the sentence was either '...go buzzing with a wild, closed roar...' or '...go buzzing with a wild roar close to [something in comparison, like, thunder]', it would flow without the disconnection in my brain. I know that both would change the meaning. (Actually the first one wouldn't even make much sense, although it would read and flow ok to me) Could you explain why the usage of 'close' in the quoted is correct?

    2. is the boldened 'out' in pair with 'go' before 'buzzing with a wild, close roar...'?

    Thank you very much. (I wish the forum had an emoticon for courtesy bows)
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    Re: lost track

    The roar is close because he is flying as near to the people as he can. The 'out' strikes me as unclear- I'm not sure whether the plane goes over the raft and out , or whether the raft is floating out.

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