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Thread: in turn

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    in turn

    Does this "in turn" mean "as a result" or "taking turns"?

    6p)The three women vowed to get organized and start a campaign to promote sensible driving. With the help of their husbands and children, they created special bumper stickers and made phone calls to all of their neighbors. When people spotted a “Sensible Driver” bumper sticker on a car, they knew that person would let them pass through the intersection.

    And in turn, they would stop and let those cars pass. People still honked their horns and flashed their headlights, but now they did so at the cars that blocked the intersections rather than those that did not. Kate soon found that her drive home from work had been reduced to less than an hour, giving her more time to spend with her husband and kids.

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    Re: in turn

    Dictionaries are our good companions.

    The OALD:

    in turn

    1 one after the other in a particular order

    eg The children called out their names in turn.

    2 as a result of something in a series of events

    eg Increased production will, in turn, lead to increased profits.

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