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Hi Barb_D, i have completed the letter with your advices. Please help to do a last check before i have confident in sending out? Thanks alot lot!!


To the Principle Principal is al not le - put the person's name here, not "To the principle"

Dear Name of Principle,

My daughter, Sandra Lunt is currently inK2 of a Pre-School. I am respectfully requesting that she space be admitted for the second semester of K2 at name of schoole? XXXX Kindergarten.

Sandra not natural to use her full name here. Just "Sandra" is fun-loving, expressive young girl with a lot of potential. Her friendly and outspoken - this is often not a positive characteristic. Find another word character made her space popular among her teachers and classmates. . She enjoys many activities, inside and out of school including no comma reading of story books, piano and dance , cycling, and going on outings. You said "including" so no need to say "and other activites". She was chosen by school to be a member of Girl Guides?, demonstrating that she is a good role model in school. ? Your school has to select you to be Girl Guide?

Her father and I hope she will be admitted to XXXX space Kindergarten because I have great respect for your school’s fine reputation space with highly qualified, experienced teachers and we think highly of the school’s many space facilities. XXXX Kindergarten cum Primary School to Secondary School would space definitely provide a good environment for Sandra and be very effective in readying her for the challenges of the future. I know if she is given a chance to be part of XXXX, she will be an asset to the the school as well as thrive in an enviornment that allows her to put her love for Christ into for action.

Although I know places in your school are verycompetitive and demanding, I am still determined to apply for a place. My husband and I are more than willing to volunteer in class or serve on parent committees, or do anything wiht our power to support our daughter and the school.
As requested, I have attached her report space card from space the first semester in K1. As you can see, her teacher's comment show her to be an excellent student.

We would be grateful
she could be granted an opportunity for an space interview.Thank you for space considering our application and we look space forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Full Name
This is all the time I can give to this letter. Good luck to you and her.