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    present simple or continuous?

    My students were asked to write a postcard from holiday in Ireland.
    They had to write where they are styaing, what they are doing and what are their plans for the weekend.
    One girl wrote:

    I am writing to you from Ireland. I am living in my aunt`s house. She has a really big family.
    Very day I visit a lot of interesting places.

    And the question is: Is the Present Simple justified in: 'I visit a lot of interesting places'. She is staying there for holiday so this is temporary but on the other hand she used the expression every day, so this would suggest using Present Simple.

    Can you please confirm that present Simple shuld be used in this place
    Thank you!

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    Re: present simple or continuous?

    Yes, it's understood that she means every day while she is on vacation.

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