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    da best ways to improve ur english?

    i would like to know
    what is the best ways to improve our english especially in speaking?
    this is because....
    it is NO USE if we only learn the language
    we do not use the language itself..
    most of my lecturers said that...
    the environment where the speaker lives
    is the best way to improve our speaking in english..
    this mean...
    we have to live in that community (the native speakers of english)
    in order to speak english fluently..
    how far does it true???

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    Re: da best ways to improve ur english?

    Obviously, people living in an English-speaking country will have more opportunities to practise and hear more native speakers, but if you're not in such a place, there are still many ways to practise- places like this give you the chance to interact with native speakers. With the internet, you have the chance to communcate, so use the opportunites available to you. I don't thik there is a single best way to improve- different people learn in different ways and at different speeds, but using the language is essential to progress.

    Also, there are many people who manage to live for years in Englis-speaking countries without learning much, so it isn't simply a question of being there, but has to involve the active participation of the learner.

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    Re: da best ways to improve ur english?

    i think that the movies helping to speking english well

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    Re: da best ways to improve ur english?

    Sure there are many ways to improve your English.there are many things to do with subtitled movies. you can hear short wave radio, actually, as an english teacher told us "if you want to learn english, you have to wake up with English, lunch English, drink English, every step in your life must be conected to English.

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