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    "Being definite is, ..."

    “Then you have to tell the interviewer that managing people is exactly what you like to do; and it is what you do best. Make up a couple of stories about when you helped someone confront a difficult problem at work. It can be fiction. Make up two stories. When you get to the interview, you have to lean forward and emphasize that managing people is one of your strengths.” The fact is, I went on to tell him, we become the people we pretend to be. Being definite is, in fact, one element of being a good manager.

    More: Doing Well on a Job Interview | Psychology Today

    On one hand, Cambridge Dictionary Online says that definite means clear or fixed. Besides, it can be used before a noun. On the other hand, Merriam Webster says that there is another meaning for definite which is different from what has been mentioned in Cambridge Dictionary but it doesn’t come before a noun. In a nutshell, definite in the given context doesn’t precede a noun as a result I think that I should pick out confident, shouldn’t I?

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    Re: "Being definite is, ..."

    Probably 'decisive' is better here.

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