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    reconcile belittle belittled

    Hello sir how can I master for answering the following questions? please kindly help at your best. I know the answers of these two particular question, but I need to know what I can study, apart from vocabulary, to answer more hard ones of these questions.

    Identity the sentence(s) that is/are showing the correct use of the underlined word.
    1. (i) Admiral Hamid sent a small group to reconcile the enemy positions secretly.
    (ii) There was severe misappropriation of funds as evidenced by the failure to reconcile accounts.
    (iii) The friends helped James and Nil to reconcile their trifle differences.
    (A) i only (B) both i & ii (C)bothi & iii (D) both ii & iii (E)allthree
    2. (i) A belated apology is better than none at-all.
    (ii) The guard belatedly realized the implication of the questions asked by the interrogator; the damage, however, was already done.
    (iii)When you are given a task, it is naturally expected that you do not belate it.
    (A) i only (B) both i & ii (C)bothi & iii (D) both ii & iii (E)allthree

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    Re: reconcile belittle belittled

    Is this homewrok or an assignment? If so, we don't give out the answers.

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