Good evening,
I want to apply for a scholarship in two different universities and I have just finished writing my motivational statement but I am not sure if it is written in a correct manner. would you please check it out for me and give me your feedback as soon as possible? (I am not asking for vocabulary or grammar correction ... I just need to make sure that the ideas are well written). I really appreciate your help.


Dear Sir or Madam,

It is a big pleasure for me to express my interests in applying for master study in Mobile Technologies or Communication Systems and Networks through Erasmus Mundus scholarship.
I will be very glad to be accepted in one of the above programs since I feel so enthusiastic to continue my study in the field of Computer and Communications Engineering. Ever since I started this study at the university, I have always enjoyed the different subjects that teach all the amazing complicated details and genius algorithms that form computer and communication systems. For the time being, I feel that I have the required basics and qualifications to improve myself and to satisfy my hunger for knowledge.
In fact, I have chosen to study in the field of Computer and Communications Engineering because of many reasons. Most important is that as I grew up I could see that computers, mobiles and other wonderful developed devices, are found everywhere around, controlling almost all of our daily activities. I could see that everybody who has one of these devices is simply using it without even wondering about how could a relatively small device do all these magical functions within few moments! I have always been eager to know more and more about the mechanisms and technologies that work on these devices.
However, during my educational journey at Arab International University (AIU), my interests were deeply concentrated toward communications specialty. The main desires of my post-graduate studies are Mobile Technologies and Communication Networks. These two branches are my favorite because they include a variety of interesting communications’ concepts such as Mobile Networks Architecture, Embedded Systems, Mobile Devices Software, Generations of Networks and Digital Signal Processing. As an engineer, I love to deeply research and proficiently understand how mobile networks and other communication networks operate in order to acquire more theoretical knowledge and practical skills to become a masterful and expert in the most significant and common technologies in the world.
It might be appropriate to mention that I am reasonably familiar with Quadrature Amplitude Modulation technique, since working on my graduation project “QAM Transmitter and Receiver Design” gave me a good experience and convection that I have the required qualifications to get through similar branches.
Furthermore, my deep interest in the world of communications makes me so excited about exploring this field more precisely. These great inventors who developed this technology have left us a valuable treasure which we should improve and never stop trying to look for new ways or applications that makes our daily life even easier, faster and more comfortable. I am determined to continue my way to get higher degrees which will enable me to come up with something new and innovative despite all the difficulties I may come up against.
Moreover, I feel I am responsible for making a big move in this field and this scholarship will give me a big chance to be one day someone who is remembered for his innovations. I think it is our duty as people sharing life in this world to make our future better because the future is not only ours. Our grandchildren should be proud of us one day when they look back and find how hard we worked to make the world a better place. I will never forget that day when I was very young and I accidentally cut the power cable of my father’s TV. He did not punish me after I promised him that when I grow up, I will invent a way to turn on TV without a need for wires so he will never have to get upset again.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours faithfully,