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    sacrificing her own turn

    By "sacrificing her own turn", does it mean "April had to go to other sisters' houses"? Incidentally, I think inviting your family members to your house would be more burdensome as you have to prepare food and other things unless you live quite far from one another.

    ex)Three sisters, Donna, Marie, and April, all want to hold the family's Christmas celebration at their house. For years, they took turns, rotating to each house every three years. Then Donna had a child and wanted to havcec the family over to her house every year. Marie didn't think that was fair. She wanted things done the same as they had always been done. April was left in the uncomfortable position of sacrificing her own turn. Ultimately, the conflict existed because the sisters wanted to be together as a family...

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    Re: sacrificing her own turn

    Quote Originally Posted by keannu View Post
    By "sacrificing her own turn", does it mean "April had to go to the other sisters' houses"?

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