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    There is always better than a good.


    Dear all i am Divya new in English forums..

    Could you please explain following sentence's meaning,

    There is always better than a good.

    Please help me...


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    Re: There is always better than a good.

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****


    I have never heard of that expression.

    I have, however, heard of an expression that goes something like:

    Better is the enemy of the good


    For example, every morning I sweep away the leaves on the sidewalk in front of our house.

    Let's say that there are 15 leaves and I picked them up and put them into a container. Then when I turned around,

    I see that two more leaves have fallen. Do I then pick them up? If I did, I should be spending all day

    picking up newly fallen leaves. So I just wait until the next morning to sweep the leaves again.

    In other words, if you always keep trying to be better, it can drive you crazy. You have to know when to stop, for

    something good can always be better. Since we are human beings, we can never reach perfection. So do your best

    and then stop. If you cook a meal for your family, you have to know when it is ready to serve. If you keep trying to

    make the food "better," you will never serve it!


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