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    use of 'try and'....'try to'...


    I would just like some opinions or explanations on the following...

    ...used large pieces of cloth, to try and fly like birds...

    or ... used large pieces of cloth, to try to fly like birds...

    I know that 'try and..' is common in colloquial speech and 'try to' should be used when writing, but was wondering if there were any other significant differences.

    try and.... was also explained to me as doing two things.... the action of trying and the action of flying....

    where try to is one action.....

    does the success of the action have any influence on whether you use 'try and' or 'try to..'


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    Re: use of 'try and'....'try to'...

    To me, it sounds like a bit of an artificial distinction.

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