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    Please help me out with this sentence

    If you do not mind, could you help me with this problem?

    "Do not make yourself frustrated because of what is not yours."

    If we suppose the sentence is okay, can we say Because of what is not yours modifies frustrated or make and if you choose between them, there is a meaning difference?

    I think that there is a meaning difference between each different modification.

    "I will make her happy with this money."

    1) "I will make her happy with this money."

    -> I will make her happy, using the money.

    2) "I will make her happy with this money."

    -> I will teach her how to be satisfied with the money.

    I am sorry about this strange question, and I just made these sentences so you might not use any of them but all of a sudden, this makes me uneasy. Please help me out.
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