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Thread: "Generation X"

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    "Generation X"

    And no one is guiltier of this than the old people themselves. They dress to look twenty-something. They (try to) carry on a conversation like Generation X. They even operate on themselves to erase the signs of the life they have lived. When it comes to people, the Fountain of Youth reigns. Andówe add for good measureócan you make that fountain spring from an ancient-looking, rustic grotto?

    More: Old Age, Old Wine - Parshah Moment - Parsha

    The pronoun they refers to old people who "dress to look twenty-something" besides, "they carry on a conversation like Generation X." Question: According to the given context, does Generation X refer to young people or what has been mentioned here?

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    Re: "Generation X"

    Generation X means what the Wikipedia article says. It's an accepted term.

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