Hello) I/m preparing the letter to the university and it's not so official but anyway I want to be rather polite and ask you for the help)) I'm not sure that I did in a very good way, I will really appreciate if you could correct my mistakes (vocabulary/grammar). Thanks in advance)))

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a 24 year-old student on Academic Level (first year) of Design Interior from ____ and by next year I will graduate.

I already have Master degree in the Theory and Teaching Methodology of Foreign Languages and Cultures
(English and German languages) of ________________.
According to this fact, my English and German language skills are on the good level.

I am interested in persuing my Design Interior/Architecture education after graduating _____
therefore I am searching for a University with Architecture Faculty where I can obtain B.A or M.A.

Having informed myself about the departments at your University,
I would like to take into consideration the Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

It is neccessary to mention that I am learning
Italian language rather intensily right now and I am interested in Italian Program as well as in English one.
According to the information on the website, nevertheless I have several questions
regarding my further education in ______ and I will be very obliged
if you kindly answered them.

- Could you inform me please what is the list of the all neccessary papers (except my EU visa) should I submit
for the entering the University?
- I would appreciate if you could indicate which initiation exams are required
to study Architecture Faculty.
- Since I am non EU-student I would like to know the deadline for applying for the fall semester (September 2013)?
This information is very important for me because my EU visa will expire on May 2013
and is possible to renew it before that date?
- Could you tell me please your policy concerning foreign students? Are there any special requirements?
- Unfortunatelly I could not find the payment information for Semester/year.

I am looking forward to receiving your response.

Best Regards,