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    Exclamation Meet 'up' for

    Hi there,
    I am quite confused about the difference between 'let's meet for coffee' and let's meet up for coffee'
    Can asking someone out for coffee in the US be considered a date..
    If a man asked a woman to 'meet up for coffee' would that be a hint for wanting tio date her?
    And if she said that the morning suits her better .Would that be considered a hint that he shouldn't expect anything for her.
    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Meet 'up' for

    There's not any real difference- we soeties use prepositions unnecessarily. 'Up' does make it a bit more informal- I wouldn't use 'meet up' for a formal business meeting, so it makes it a bit more social. Coffee might be a prelude to a date, a sort of ground clearing exercise. Morning might mean morning, or it might mean palying safe.

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