Hi, I will be very grateful if someone can check my ML and give me some advices how to improve or correct the mistakes. It is really important for me. Thank you in advance! :)

My interest in European politics and my decision to continue my education in this field is the outcome of my profound interest of integrating in EU. The fact that my country has been a candidate for accession to EU is one of the reasons that motivates me to study further at Master level in European Politics in order to help the national law to be fully harmonized in all fields in the context of common policies and to increase the fully implementation of the acquis communautaire in all levels.
I chose XXX for continuing my studies, because despite its theoretical strength, has very few courses directly related to my major interest. Courses such as Europe and Global Politics, International Organizations and European Politics and Europe in global economy will be very helpful for my analyzing of the problems which my country is facing with. Moreover these courses will be of particular relevance to my career plans which are to find employment with high administration institution in my country, relevant in EU politics implementation.
The fact that this university is located in Czech Republic, first former communist country achieving the status of a developed country, country with the highest human development in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the most peaceful and democratic countries in Europe is reason plus for choosing this university. The reason is that I can see the deep progress of implementation of EU law in practice in a country with similar history with my country, which will be of essential importance for gaining experience.
Some life situations helped me to be more independent from the other colleagues and gave me more strength to work hard for achieving excellent results. Thatís why my academic performance on undergraduate Law studies was top of class and I am sure that this desire for knowledge and experience will increase even more during the Master studies. Because of my firm conviction that Iím making the right choice, I am applying every year after graduation for this Master program at xxx and every time Iím hereby accepted by the faculty but unfortunately financially I couldnít afford even one day studying abroad. This scholarship is my only way to achieve the desired academic and professional carrier. I hope you will give me the opportunity to realize my ambition.